Equatorial Guinea

The following posts tell about my trip to Equatorial Guinea. Through words and photos I hope to succesfully share my experiences. I've decided to do this on a day by day basis. I hope you enjoy. If there's anything I may have missed, or something you'd like to know...please email me at michaelh@uwyo.edu. Thank you all for your unconditional support of me, both financially and spiritually. Without you, this trip wouldn't have happened. More on Africa here: http://53lat158long.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 5- Today we went to a nearby village where we would be showing the film that night. It took us a while to find the pastor of the church. We needed written permission to use the plaza. After we finally found the pastor, we spread out to advertise the showing that night. Stokes and I went with Benito and Francisco. A local mute guy followed us around and "told" us stories about the village. This village was more of a farming community, so our advertising campaign didn't turn out to be very successful. There was only children and elders in the village, everybody else was out farming or fishing.

After our advertising, we went back to our home base and ate and relaxed. I spent some time playing soccer with the kids (Olga, Joel, and Benjamin). My camera battery died today, and I forgot to pack my charger. Luckily, everybody else's cameras were working fine, and we decided to share everybody's pictures. I also spent some time hanging out with some of the villagers, and watched some World Cup Soccer with them.

That night we went back to the nearby village to show our film. There was little kids running all over the place, the majority of our audience was definitely kids. Apparently, some Bruce Lee films had made their way over here, and they all thought Garrett looked like him. It took us a while to figure out that they were yelling "Bruce, Bruce" and doing martial arts moves.

The distraction tonight was a World Cup Soccer match between Argentina and Ivory Coast going on in the town hall next to the plaza we were showing at. Ivory Coast scored a goal around the time of the crucifixion, and the town hall just erupted with cheering. Still, we had about 20 new acceptors tonight, and they all seemed very excited about their new life to come. They were all given directions to nearby churches, and new testaments.


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